Privacy Policy

At The Recruitment House Inc. we understand the importance of confidentiality and security. The following policy details the commitment to our clients and candidates in regards to personal/business information. Please review this policy and if you have any questions, concerns or feedback forward them to


The Recruitment House Inc. believes your business is no one else's, we will protect the information you share with us. The Recruitment House Inc. will follow different principles in accordance with the privacy act for both customer privacy and data protection. The Recruitment House Inc. will collect only the information that TRH requires for business purposes.

We will not sell or give away (Your Name), mail address, email address, phone number or any other information to anyone. We will use secure measures to protect your information from unauthorized users. We will provide you with the means to ensure your personal information is accurate, complete and current. You may review and update this information at any time with a TRH consultant.


The Recruitment House Inc. will not disclose or use your information for anything other than the purposes the information was collected, unless consent has been granted by the individual whom provided the information is given in writing. As a candidate, your personal information will never be disclosed to a potential employer without your full authorization, verbally or written, under any circumstance.


All persons will have given consent to The Recruitment House Inc. verbally, electronically or in writing before any personal information is disclosed. Should there be any other reason to disclose your information, except by law, a secondary consent will be required.


The Recruitment House Inc. takes the level of security very serious when maintaining our files. We will take every precaution necessary to ensure that your personal information is not obtained by an unauthorized user, lost, theft, duplicated or manipulated in any way. A policy is developed for destroying information after the information is no longer required. All hard copies not needed will be shredded and destroyed. All electronic copies will be saved to a disc that will be placed in a secured space. All electronic files will be deleted from the database.


You may visit our website at any time without providing your personal information. If you decide to use our secure on line application form, your information will be collected and submitted to a TRH consultant for the sole purpose of recruitment or placement.


The Recruitment House Inc. does not guarantee or endorse any links associated with this website.

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